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Breast Lift

breast lift modelThe shape and position of your breasts play a key role in creating a youthful appearance. Pregnancy, weight loss and the natural aging process can weaken breast tissue, robbing you of the attractive breast shape you desire. Breast lift surgery is ideal for women looking to restore firm, perky breasts in a more youthful position.


Women considering breast lift surgery should be in good health with realistic expectations about their results. If your lower breast tissue sits at or below the inframammary line or you have poor nipple projection, you may be a candidate for breast lift surgery. A breast lift is designed to treat sagging breasts, and your ideal technique will vary depending on your degree of ptosis (sagging).


Breast lift surgery is an outpatient procedure with the patient under general anesthesia. Incisions are placed along the lower portion of the breasts, through which weak, excess tissue is removed. Dr. Ashoor then lifts and repositions the breast tissue and nipples to have more attractive projection. Internal sutures hold the breast tissue in place and provide long-term support to the breasts. Aesthetic improvements such as areola reduction may also be performed. In some situations where there is a loss of volume in the breasts, augmentation either by silicone implants or fat injections is combined with your breast lift to give you fuller breast tissue. The incisions are closed, and a compression bra may be placed.

Incision Placement

The placement of your incisions will vary depending on the extent of correction you require.

  • Donut incisions run along the border of the areolas
  • Lollipop incisions are created around the areolas and down the lower breast tissue (this is the approach most commonly used by Dr. Ashoor)
  • Anchor incisions are placed around the areolas, vertically down the breast tissue, and along the inframammary creases

Nipple-Areola Repositioning

Women with drooping breasts often find that they have poor nipple and areola positioning. If your nipples have a downward projection, Dr. Ashoor can place them to have a perky, outward projection. Some women have enlarged areolas in addition to breast sagging. Dr. Ashoor can also resize your areolas for a more natural, attractive appearance.


You will experience bruising and swelling following your breast lift. You will be required to rest for several days in an upright position, and a compression bra will facilitate your healing process. Patients can then typically return to work within one to two weeks of their procedure. They can also resume their exercise routine, with Dr. Ashoor’s permission, after four weeks. Major swelling should subside after three to four months, at which time the final results will become apparent.


Breast lift surgery provides long-lasting results. Most women are satisfied with the appearance of their breasts for many years. However, aging can weaken breast tissue over time.


Dr. Ashoor utilizes a short-scar technique to minimize visible scarring. All incisions are placed in discreet locations to mask their appearance. If you do develop visible scarring, it is likely to fade over time. However, the outcome of your scar is unpredictable and all depends on your skin type and on your genetic makeup.

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