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Mission statement

You are at the center of my care. You will be treated with dignity and respect. I want you to look your best, feel good, and live your life with the greatest confidence.

As a plastic surgeon, I will use my utmost ability in medicine to treat your area(s) of your concern and provide the most professional and honest advice.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to be thorough regarding your desired outcome, ask questions, and provide a complete history of your medical health.

Informed decision
Be sure that you’re comfortable with what I’ve suggested. We can discuss alternatives, and I’ll try my best to make you feel more at ease and explain the choices provided. My aim is to provide excellent service.

Standard of care
We keep up to date with the standards of care in the field of plastic surgery. Continuous medical education for our staff, regular workshops, and seminars are the fundamentals of our practice.  We focus on safe and proper surgical planning, and comprehensive post-operative attention.

A source of pride for our clinic is the fact that we are one of the few clinics in Bahrain that provide the highest standard of plastic and aesthetic surgical care. Your safety, as well as the outcome of your treatment, is given special consideration.

Our Staff
I have a staff of caring, well-trained, and highly-qualified professionals; they will provide assistance throughout your treatment. Our warm and attentive staff will greet you with smiles and help make your experience with our practice one to enjoy and cherish

Attention is paid to every minor detail in order to maintain this clinic to the highest standards. It is well-equipped with sophisticated surgical equipments, as well as cutting edge laser machines. We provide our patients with the best and safest products available in the aesthetic market today – from Botox and fillers to mesotherapy.

The clinic is centrally located in Manama, Bahrain, within a prestigious suburb in a rapidly growing city. It is approximately 15 minutes away from both the Bahrain International Airport and the Saudi Arabia causeway.


Contact Information

Dr. Basem Ashoor
Bahrain Plastic Surgery

Villa 2744 Road 6465 Block 364
Bilad Al Qadeem
Kingdom of Bahrain


If you prefer to communicate using WhatsApp feel free to message or voice us. +97366354006

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