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Rosacea and Red Vein

rosacea model


Rosacea a common skin condition with symptoms of facial flushing, redness, red veins (telangiectasia) inflammatory spots (resembling acne). Although the exact cause of the disease is unknown, there are many triggers that stimulate rosacea. These triggers include heat, spicy food, stress, hot drinks. We can help treat this condition though patient education, medication, cooling masks and laser.

Red Veins (thread veins)

Red veins (telangiectasia) appear on the face and body. Thread veins on the face are easier to treat than legs veins, which may be caused by a problem in the deeper veins or not run parallel with the skin surface. Furthermore, they appear more as tiny blood vessels that lie close to the surface of the skin and look like fine red or sometimes purple lines. These tend to develop more as we get older and can become quite unsightly.

Constant contraction and relaxation of normal superficial capillaries can cause the vessels walls to weaken, enlarging the vessel. Things that weaken the capillary wall include: extreme temperature, sun exposure, crying hard, weight gain, occupation or activities that require prolonged sitting or standing, hormonal shifts, pregnancy. Thread veins can also be hereditary.
We can treat thread veins very successfully with laser.


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