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How is COVID-19 Changing the Aesthetic Industry?

Posted: August 31st, 2020 by Dr. Basem Ashoor

woman coronavirus aesthetic maskThe coronavirus pandemic is having a huge impact on every industry and changing the aesthetic procedures that are most requested. The lockdowns have led to a rise in remote work, and along with it increased activity on video conferencing software. Now that we are spending more time on Zoom and Skype, we are concerned with our appearance on live video. Research has shown an uptake in facial and eye-related surgeries, as well as a trend towards natural beauty for the looks desired.

Masks draw attention to the eyes, so procedures such as eye lift and brow lift are more popular. Clear skin and brightness around the eyes are ideal ways to look healthy while wearing masks. It’s harder to communicate emotion with a mask on, so we need to use our eyes for expression. Botox trends have shifted to a “bright-eye” look, where the injections relax facial muscles and soften wrinkles around the eyes. This makes them appear more rested and appealing. Whereas before we worried about how we look in Instagram photos, now we care about our appearance in live video. This favors injectables with a natural aesthetic that allows fluid motion in the face while we chat and laugh.

The pandemic is making us more concerned about personal health and wellness, and that is changing our priorities. We want to project an image of health, and look in the mirror and sense that we are healthy. Some people are opting for non-surgical procedures due to fear over contracting COVID-19 with the aesthetic surgeries, although those are still popular. The lockdowns also mean that they can recover comfortably at home without having to go to the workplace. Due to an increase of stress and anxiety during the pandemic, there are also people seeking procedures for psychological relief. They feel happier and more stable when they receive them. Facial aesthetics are now the focus, whether we are out in the world or presenting ourselves on video. A natural look has made a comeback as COVID-19 changes the world and the aesthetic industry along with it.


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