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5 Factors To Keep In Mind When Deciding On A Treatment

Posted: March 19th, 2018 by Dr. Basem Ashoor

price injectable facialWhen you buy a treatment, you are paying for two things: the quality of the product and the skill, training and experience of the doctor. Cheap does not mean preferable when it comes to medical procedures. Patients should be suspicious of cheap prices, and investigate exactly why the doctor is “cutting corners” when it comes to the price.

It can be a dilemma for the patient to decide on which doctor to seek treatment with, as there are many factors involved. You are within your rights to be well-informed when it comes to the health decisions you make. The following are important considerations to keep in mind when deciding on a treatment.

5 Factors to Consider:

– Education of the doctor: you should ensure that the doctor has the appropriate license and a degree from a reputable university. The license should be from a local authority governing the medical practice.

– Experience of the doctor: a history of carrying out the procedure successfully is important. The number of years a doctor has practiced in the field is also an indicator of their experience. Doctors that are highly skilled in a procedure often charge more, as they are more in demand.

– Specialty of the doctor: Whether the doctor is specialized in the procedure should be accounted for. For example, Botox and fillers are usually carried out by plastic surgeons and dermatologists. They can also be performed by doctors with rigorous training in the area and a valid qualification. Otherwise, the patient is not advised to follow through if the doctor does not have the necessary credentials.

– Quality of the products: only products from a reputable manufacturer with a noted safety record are acceptable. A patient has a right to be well-informed regarding the products used. When it comes to Botox and fillers, there is a wide variety of products in the market, and not all are reliable. The patient should make sure that the products used are high quality and meet the safety standards. This is also a determining factor that goes into the cost chosen by the provider.

– Reputation of the facility: the medical center should be examined to make sure it’s trustworthy. Is the facility officially licensed by medical authorities? There are underground clinics that are not licensed to perform medical procedures. These are illegal and dangerous so the patient should not seek treatment at those locations.


Sometimes patients are dissuaded by the price that is offered by a doctor, which compels them to seek a lower price. However, patients should evaluate the price against the factors above when deciding to go ahead with the procedure. Botox, dermal fillers and laser hair removal all carry small but potential risks. When you’re under the care of the wrong hands, that risk is higher. Of course, things can go wrong with even the most experienced physicians. However, the ones with training and experience can respond quickly to fix the problem. Remember that you are paying for both the product and the expertise of the doctor, as this will aid you in choosing the best course of treatment.


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